Testosterone 17-Cypionate steroid solo

Cyp of Test demands longer runs, never advisable for compact periods lesser than 8 weeks. Depo-Testosterone - most durable test ester, designed for the main mass gaining blends and the lengthy distance. You should implement injections of Cypionate of Testosterone with measure - upto one gram / week, thrice in 10 days.

A standard dose to reasonable bodybuilder - 500 milligrams weekly, it’s harmless, though creates brief result. Testosterone 17beta-cypionate impact is dose addicted - more fuel, louder the music.1000 mg in active element a week is usually the practical limitation for the gym buff.

Hormone is weak itself, thus pray for quality progression using testosterone individually - will be mindless. For most anabolic steroid combinations, Anabolic Hormone turned into solid ground.